Gordon Sussman

Immunology (Clin.)
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St. Michael's Hospital

Dr. Gordon Sussman began his career at a time when immunology was just beginning to increase in importance interfacing with all specialties of medicine. He  witnessed first-hand the exponential increase in knowledge of immunology in the pathophysiology of diseases.The past 30 years have been a truly exciting time for immunology starting as a dormant program with metamorphosis to a vibrant new specialty.

Dr. Sussman had the privilege of identifying one of the earliest reports of natural rubber latex allergy. In the 1990s latex allergy reached epidemic numbers. He identified, characterized and cloned several allergens. Working with government, industry, and healthcare facilities we eliminated at risk exposures with almost complete disappearance of this within 20 years.

He has also witnessed the quadrupling in the incidence of some allergies. We have seen the emergence of new strategies to prevent this from continuing. Our research programs have continued to expand, contribute, and have international recognition. We have seen and studied many new treatments including immunotherapy to treat and prevent anaphylactic allergy to stinging insects and peanut. 

New biologic treatments have allowed more precise interventions to treat inflammatory and allergic diseases. This has resulted in seminal changes of the way we think about these diseases.

Perhaps the most gratifying has been the expansion of our training program with many new individuals choosing allergy and clinical immunology as a career choice.